Cosmic Zoom

A three-minute journey from the top of the Empire State Building to the edge of the known universe, using accurate geographical and astronomical data over a huge range of scales.

DK World Atlas Millennium Edition

Natural-colour satellite imagemaps side-by-side with traditional topographic maps to provide a unique view of the world at the beginning of the twenty-first century.
Wein - Die Neue Grosse Schule

An illustrated encyclopaedia of wine using satellite imagemaps of the major wine-producing areas of Europe and the New World.

Atlas of the Solar System

Live 3D maps of the major bodies of the solar system, together with illustrated descriptions of surface features and processes.
DK World Atlas DVDROM

Incorporating a real-time flight simulator using Planetary Visions' 1km Satellite Imagemap combined with global digital terrain data.
Maps In Minutes

A cartographic software tool for use by illustrators offering vector map layers and topographic raster backgrounds.
3D Atlas

The award-winning geographical reference work on CDROM for the classroom or home.

Polar Theatre

An interactive three-screen video installation on polar science, forming part of the exhibition, Arktis-Antarktis, at the Federal Art and Exhibition Hall, Bonn, Germany.

An exhibition on environmental issues on the observation deck of the CN Tower, Toronto.